How sharing our skills can help charity partners to achieve more

Since 2017, we have worked with Action for Children (AfC) in the UK to remove barriers to education for the most disadvantaged children to fulfil their potential.

Our community value projects are designed in alignment with the UN Sustainable Development Goals, to help provide quality education and support access to employment, to reduce inequalities and to tackle poverty.

We have fundraised £490,000 for our AfC Education Fund to date; approving 3,450 grants. Our people have achieved over 1,600 volunteering hours, five pro-bono projects and two mentoring projects.

This year, we had the honour of working with AfC in a myriad of ways beyond giving funds. This included pro-bono projects that bolstered the charity’s bidding strategies, sustainability and innovation.

Through these pro bono projects, we have reach more disadvantaged children and supported them for longer, particularly during a time when funding for charities is stretched and an increasing number of families are in need of support.

Helping secure new funding

Our Global Business Generation Director Paul Amit applied his expertise and extensive experience in business development to deliver two half-day workshops on pitching and bidding to the AfC leadership team.

The workshop helped AfC to adjust their bidding strategy and implement new techniques. As a result, the charity secured three significant bid wins, with a total contract value of £28m.

The services AfC will roll out, as a result of these wins, will extend over the next ten years. Training participants felt the training has improved their ability to perform on, and win, bids.

Steve Wilkinson, Head of Business Development AfC said:

“It was extremely useful and there were some great takeaways, which could be immediately useable. The ideas Paul conveyed around group/audience management, the alternatives to PowerPoint and “man marking” people on panels were all really interesting.” 

Developing AfC’s sustainability strategy

Earlier in the year, one of our environmental management specialists Philip Blake contributed to the development of AfC’s sustainability strategy. Approved by AfC’s Board of Trustees the strategy will be used to achieve international environmental standards accreditation in 2020.

Carol Iddon, Managing Director of Children’s Services and Deputy CEO said:

“Thank you to Philip and Turner & Townsend for their expertise and advice in this area, we really appreciate and value their continued support.” 

Supporting talent development

With the new challenge of gaining a wider, more business-focused sponsor community, AfC reached out for some assistance in training their account managers with enhanced presentation and strategy skills.

Last month, our Associate Director Nicolas Townsend, delivered a workshop for AfC’s community team, enhancing their presentation techniques and skillset to develop impactful pitches.

As a side benefit the workshop developed ideas and current working practices between the regions that can now be taken forward as best practice across the charity.

The workshop we developed and delivered provided a structured target methodology for all prospective sponsor presentations and furnished their speakers with additional confidence and soft skills to reach a previously untapped source of funding.

Nick Townsend, Associate Director, Infrastructure said:

“Having supported Action for Children for the last four years through participation in the Prudential Ride 100 and the creation of the Turner & Townsend Ride UK & Ireland static bike challenge, this was a great opportunity to help the charity from within and play a part in their delivery strategy for greater sources of funding to enable aid for the thousands of children who desperately and deservedly need it.” 

We are currently planning an additional workshop for AfC’s community fundraisers.

Laura, Area Fundraising Manager said:

“Initially the training was to do a presentation, get some tips then revamp our presentations and present again. We did our presentations and Nick said everyone did really well. He then shared some really useful tips with us about presenting, pitching and also layout of presentations. Instead of revamping our own presentations, we all worked with Nick to create a bespoke Action for Children presentation that we now have to use when we present and can update as and when we need. It was a really useful session!”

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