Committed to reducing our gender pay gap in Australia 

Our Australian business has published its gender pay gap report for 2022/23. The report shows progress in reducing this gap as we work to create a more diverse and inclusive workplace for all.

The gender pay gap measures the difference between the average pay of men and women across an entire organisation, regardless of experience, role or seniority level. This is different from equal pay, which refers to the legal requirement to pay women and men the same for performing the same or equal work. 

The report shows a further improvement within our Australian business with an 8.7 percent decrease in the median base salary gender pay gap to 29 percent, and 9.5 percent in our median total remuneration gender pay gap to 29.4 percent.  

To help close our gender pay gap, we are focusing on attraction, retention, and development of women, including building pathways in collaboration with educational institutions and industry networks, advancing our family friendly policies, ensuring systems and processes are inclusive and free from bias, and implementing programs to fast track the progress of our female future leaders. 

Darren Munton, Managing Director, Australia and New Zealand said:

We have seen improvements in our 2022-2023 median gender pay gap which gives us confidence that our conscious efforts towards reaching a gender-balanced workforce are creating a positive effect.

 “While it is great to see year-on-year improvement in our region, I am committed to accelerating the pace of change. In recognition that our gender pay gap is driven by fewer women in senior roles, we are continuing to address this imbalance.  

“With a major skills shortage overall in the built environment, attracting talent from underrepresented groups to join our industry is not only the right thing to do, but imperative to drive growth, innovation, resilience and long-term success.”  

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