CEO statement on COP27

The United Nations Climate Change summit in Egypt signifies the world’s best opportunity to turn the Paris Agreement into concrete action, to help limit global warming to 1.5°c and create a sustainable future for all.

This year’s summit has focused attention on climate justice as communities across the globe look for leadership on ways to recover from current climate disasters, as well as improving the resilience of infrastructure for extreme weather events in the future. Water scarcity and ensuring a just transition to renewable energy are also priority areas for COP27, especially on a host continent that experiences the devastating impact of droughts and with an estimated 600 million Africans still lacking access to electricity.

Gary Easton, infrastructure lead for Europe, said:

COP27 has returned climate to the forefront of many minds, amidst an increasingly complex set of global challenges from economic headwinds to ongoing conflict and geopolitical tensions. Tackling climate change and making the necessary progress to reach net zero, must remain a priority for us all. We advise clients on their net-zero strategies so they can transform their own climate action efforts.

“Our industry has a critical role to play in this – both as a key enabler for a more sustainable future but also given the significant contribution that the built environment makes to carbon emissions. We need to present a united front in transforming our ways of working, and the outcomes of major projects and programmes we are delivering while keeping up the pressure for change.

“Inflationary pressures and supply chain disruption have had a significant impact on delivering complex major projects and programmes, but by driving efficiencies we can stay the course and continue to advance towards net zero. Construction needs to be part of the solution towards a greener, more inclusive, and productive society, but governments and industries across the board will all need to create a step-change if we are to mitigate the increasingly visible impacts of climate change.”

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