Business continuity reviews launched for capital programmes

We have launched a new service providing capital business continuity reviews across our major clients in infrastructure, real estate and natural resources – as programmes and portfolios worldwide adapt to the new world emerging from the COVID-19 pandemic.

This workshop-led service assesses the ability of organisations to adapt and navigate the new operating environment against a series of metrics. Using our global insight and industry-leading expertise in programme set-up and delivery, we are able to help clients to prioritise and plan the right positive steps required to thrive in the future, particularly in markets impacted at an early stage by the spread of the coronavirus, including lead insights from the Asian market.

Key elements in the review framework include assessments of corporate strategy alignment into the capital portfolio, cash flow versus capital availability, supply chain pressures, market changes and workforce capacity.

Having already undertaken a large number of workshops with clients, they have revealed a number of key themes in terms of how clients are driving re-prioritised capital portfolios, the need to create new operating models and the necessity to get much closer visibility and control of their supply chains.

A number of areas of global exemplar practice are emerging, which are being shared with those taking up the service, and are being built into their immediate and longer-term plans.

Ian Ballentine, Head of Global Programme Advisory, said:

"Our framework enables organisations to adapt to a rapidly changing environment, prioritising key workstreams to focus on and plan for recovery in a joined-up way across their business.

“We have already seen from our workshops that some clients were ready to reprioritise before COVID-19, whereas others are finding that old ways of working are not fit for purpose in the new world. The common theme though is the eagerness to seize this moment and adapt projects and programmes while the opportunity exists to do so.

Now is the time to proactively manage and mitigate risk to protect both short and long term outcomes.

"Given the scope, complexity and scale of the change we face, the only way to gain a strong understanding of the real business environment organisations are now operating in, is through a structured and systematic approach.”

The two-hour workshop with our globally connected experts is being offered to all clients to help identify areas of focus and enable lessons to be learnt from others who have already started down this journey of change.

Further resources

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