Appointment to Ofgem’s energy advisory framework as UK transitions to net zero

We have been appointed by Ofgem, as one of their framework suppliers, to provide advisory services through the Energy and Economic Services and Advice Framework Agreement, focused on regulating the efficient provision of gas, energy, and renewable heat and electricity across the UK.

Having successfully tendered for thirteen sublots of the Framework Agreement, if successful in future competitions, we will be providing advisory and consultancy services helping to protect the interests of existing and future energy consumers.

This Ofgem framework is focused on supporting the UK’s net-zero transition and the decarbonisation of its heating and energy networks. The sublots for which we will provide services range from aiding the development and implementation of carbon capture and storage technologies (onshore and offshore) and the hydrogen network conversion, to economic modelling and building up nuclear generation and regulation.

The successful appointment marks our first time working with Ofgem as a client but builds upon our past experience supporting the UK’s major infrastructure regulators, including recent consultations with Ofwat for its AMP8 water delivery models.

The initial appointment will run until 31 August 2024, with further options to extend up to 31 August 2026.

Asef Ahmed, Director of Infrastructure and Programme Advisory, said:

At a time when energy generation and transmission are at the front of the public consciousness, we are proud to be helping Ofgem protect customers and oversee the delivery of a greener, fairer, more efficient energy network. Our team’s expert advice will help the UK make further steps towards a net-zero future, supporting the safe and effective development of key innovations, from new nuclear and hydrogen, to capturing and storing the carbon that the country produces.

For further information contact:

Charlotte Treadwell
UK Communications Manager

t: +44 (0) 7939 279 941