Appointed to National Grid’s General Management Consulting framework

National Grid is one of the largest investor-owned energy companies in the world, holding a vital position at the centre of the energy system across the UK and north-eastern US, and delivering gas and electricity to millions of people in an efficient, reliable and safe manner.

We have been appointed to National Grid's General Management Consulting Framework to help enable the energy transition in the UK and US and support the multinational utility supplier in achieving its long-term ambition of decarbonising the sector in both regions.

We will provide change management services and advise on service operations to develop an energy system that underpins economic prosperity in the 21st century with new, sustainable energy solutions.

National Grid play a vital role in both the UK and US in connecting millions of people to the energy they use. This framework focuses on increased opportunities for partnership and collaboration between National Grid and management consultancies, particularly those with a presence in both regions so as to maximise synergies in workload and scope.

Our work will help inform National Grid’s strategy around how to make energy reliable, clean and affordable for consumers and bring innovative technology to market that changes the way homes and businesses use energy, whether through the long-distance transport of renewable energy, the storage of liquefied natural gas, or supporting the roll-out of smart meters.

Jason Martin, Global Managing Director of Clean Energy and Decarbonisation:

Being appointed to National Grid’s General Management Consulting framework ensures we are well placed to help enable the energy transition in the UK and US markets.

"With a strong collaboration ethos, along with the scale, specialised expertise and track record of delivering growth in utilities and power sectors globally, we are committed to helping National Grid meet the sustainability challenges in asset development, delivery and operation."