Andy Aston joins leading global energy trade association board

Andy Aston, our managing director for global natural resources has been appointed as Non-Executive Director to the board of the Energy Industries Council (EIC), a leading trade association that supports companies who supply goods and services to the energy industry worldwide.

With over 25 years’ experience, predominantly in the energy sector, Andy was appointed alongside three other new non-executive directors.

The additions to the EIC's board reflect the fast-growing and ever more diverse make-up of its members, recognising the increasing importance of internationalisation, technology, energy transition and diversification across all energy sectors. All four new appointments attended their first virtual board meeting on Thursday 17 September.

Andy Aston commented on the appointment: “I’m delighted to be joining EIC’s Board. It’s an exciting time for the global energy sector as it balances delivering resilient and reliable supply while reducing the environmental impact of operations.

We, as an industry, have a real opportunity to deliver change and to shape a secure and sustainable energy future.

Speaking about the recent additions, EIC CEO Stuart Broadley said:

EIC has been fortunate to see growth in membership in 2020 as companies seek new data, networks and insights to accelerate their growth in ever-more challenging markets.

"We have therefore highlighted four strategic priorities for 2021: supply chain resilience, energy transition and COP, increasing exports; and diversification. Our Board will continue to work with EIC’s management team to ensure we deliver on these priorities."

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