Amsterdam team supports the next generation

Turner & Townsend, in partnership with JINC, this month held a volunteer day to equip young adults from socio-economically disadvantaged neighbourhoods with the knowledge, skills and understanding to succeed in the job market.

On 11 November, 40 volunteers from Turner & Townsend’s Amsterdam office, including Regional Managing Director James Dand, took part in a knowledge-sharing event at the Reigerbos Highschool in Amsterdam. In collaboration with JINC, Turner & Townsend organised the volunteer day to support 67 students (aged 15-17), who will soon make important career decisions upon competing their final year of high school education.

JINC is a charity in the Netherlands that believes everyone should have equal opportunities when entering the labour market. They inspire children and young people from socio-economically disadvantaged neighbourhoods to develop life and career aspirations through gaining a better understanding of the world of work.

The event was organised into three different learning assignments to ensure maximum benefit for the students on the day. During the first assignment, students could learn how to write a good motivational letter and CV.

The second task gave students the opportunity to prepare for a real job interview. Courtenay Mavity, Personal Assistant, said: “It was very touching to see how some students reacted to certain questions, such as ‘Tell me something about yourself’ or ‘What are your goals?’ It was clear that many were not used to this kind of positive attention.”

The final assignment gave a true insight in to what we do – project management. The students broke up in to small groups and, working with Turner & Townsend volunteers, prepared project plans. The aim of the exercise was to provide students with improved ‘know-how’ on a real job assignment and to polish their team building skills.

James Dand, Regional Managing Director, said: “We are now in the second year of our partnership with JINC. The opportunity to help young people in the communities we work in to realise their full potential is something we value greatly.”