The construction sector is expanding, with a growing population, urbanisation, and increased foreign investment in real estate driving activity across sectors. We’re helping our clients get maximum value from projects in this dynamic, fast-growing market.

Significant public and private investment in affordable housing projects coupled with relaxed real estate laws are set to support the Turkish residential property market’s continued growth. At the same time, the government’s focus on upgrading physical and social infrastructure is boosting construction activity, with high-speed rail, metro and highway projects set to sustain the sector over the next few years.

Making the difference in Turkey

We have been supporting clients in the region since 2002 and are currently setting up an office in Istanbul. We are able to provide our clients with an essential combination of local knowledge and global best practice, making the difference to some of the world's most progressive and successful organisations in every sector of real estate and infrastructure.



Alper Tufan


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