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The biggest challenge for the real estate sector in the Netherlands is to accelerate the pace of sustainable solutions for the built environment in an almost over-stressed market. At the same time, the Netherlands must remain accessible for which increased infrastructure capacity and enhanced usage of infrastructure are inevitable.

The real estate sector faces a difficult challenge, as there is a growing shortage of housing both quantitative and qualitative. In the short term, organisations want to adapt their offices to new trends and simultaneously increase sustainability of office space. The industry requires capacity expansion to meet the increasing demands for products. The growing economy is causing capacity shortages in our infrastructure, both on road, rail, water and air.

There is a continuous drive for increasing sustainability; we must reduce the use of natural gas for heating purposes and ultimately become completely independent of natural gas. There is a need to find smart solutions to reduce CO2 production and reduce particulate matter emissions. Investing in sustainable energy production is therefore inevitable and circularity is no longer a hobby, but becomes a necessity.

In the recent economic crisis, all parties involved in real estate and infrastructure have reduced their production capacity. This has resulted in a shortage of personnel and materials putting an ever-increasing strain on the market. As a result, prices are rising and the development and realisation period of projects increases.

Making the difference

From our office in Amsterdam, our 70 employees help our customers in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg to develop and realise their plans and ambitions. Building a sustainable society together by making smart use of available resources.

Based on proven programme and project management approaches and stringent cost management, our abilities to reduce the risks for our customers and monitor progress are better than any other party is. In addition to that, we embrace and use the latest technology in the fields of BIM and data analysis.

We advise users, owners and financiers to make optimal use of their assets. Our Advisory department provides LTA services for PPP consortia and we also advise on making better use of assets. Our facility management advisors guide and manage optimisation processes in facility services by organising the operational development of new housing or fit-out projects, including the procurement process.

We are part of an integrated global organisation. This enables us to make use of all the knowledge and experience of our colleagues worldwide who are involved in the most appealing programmes and projects and helps our national and international customers to achieve their goals in the BeNeLux.

Making the difference: we take an extra step to achieve the best result for our clients.


Managing Director, The Netherlands

Luke Bartolo


Rembrandt Tower
Amstelplein 1 – Level 2
1096 HA
The Netherlands
t: +31 (0)20 6580 060