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We’re helping clients achieve their potential in a uniquely innovative construction industry.

Japan’s construction projects reflect the country’s need for disaster-resistant buildings and infrastructure, employing world-leading building technology to create entire anti-seismic cities. While the construction industry is mostly driven by the private sector, government spending is high on critical infrastructure such as bridges, tunnels and roads.

Currently, the upcoming 2020 Olympic Games is re-energising the residential and commercial real estate sectors, with demands from major investments resulting in a heightened need for professional advice on investment plans. At the same time, severe labour shortages are slowing down projects and threatening their potential.

Making the difference in Japan

With over 30 years’ experience supporting companies in Japan and a wide breadth of regional experience, we have acted both as strategic adviser on global programmes and support on capital projects in the commercial sector. As a key location in our Asia business region, we are able to assist on diverse real estate projects, infrastructure and natural resources programmes.

Our current work involves us on a complex global programme of brand alignment and global rollout managed by a team integrated with the client organisation in Japan.



Country Director, Japan

Nick Heald


5F Izumi Nishi-Azabu Building
4-3-11 Nishi-Azabu
t: +81 (0) 3 6427 3031