Bringing commercial assurance from prefeasibility to operations in an uneven environment.

Coming on the heels of a severe drought in 2015, the outlook for Zimbabwe in 2016 remains difficult and economic growth is projected to remain around 1.5 percent.

The more traditional Zimbabwean sectors such as agriculture, mining and industry are in the process of structural transformation and as such are facing some challenges. However, the services sector has continued to grow strongly, building on Zimbabwe’s key competitive advantage – its educated population. 

Infrastructure is considered a key component of the investment climate in Zimbabwe and investments in infrastructure are seen as critical not only to advances in agriculture, but also as fundamental to the delivery of health and education services. Infrastructure development is an enormous untapped potential for the creation of productive employment in Zimbabwe.

Making the difference in Zimbabwe

We are a registered Zimbabwean business and have operated in Zimbabwe since 1990. Our current offices are based in Harare from which we deliver commercial solutions to clients across diverse sectors including the mining, retail, leisure and hospitality, education and health sectors – to both private and public sector organisations.

Our services include estimating, procurement, contract administration and monitoring of construction projects, management of project risks all with a view to securing greater capital efficiency that creates more affordable assets for our clients.

Given the relationships we have developed with our clients, our understanding of their projects and their businesses, and the knowledge we have built up in our business over the years we harness and manage a wealth of data to our clients’ best interests, and this, together with the quality of our services, is what sets us apart.



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