Home to nearly 14 million people, Zambia is a large, landlocked, resource-rich country with sparsely populated land, in the centre of Southern Africa. It shares its border with eight countries (Angola, Botswana, Democratic Republic of Congo, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, Tanzania, and Zimbabwe) that serve as an expanded market for its goods.

A good World Economic Forum safe nation-rating, along with the past decade’s display of improved prosperity and easier market access for local and foreign investments, has inspired confidence in would-be investors and spurred on the expansion of the country’s mining, construction and service industries. In the past decade, Zambia has attained economic growth above five percent.

Infrastructure is a key focus in the region. For example, experts estimate that the country needs to double its power generation capacity over the next five years and the government is pursuing opportunities such as the development of transmission inter-connectors with neighbouring countries, including the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), Kenya and Tanzania.

A booming mining sector boosts the demand for manufacturing locally and adds a significant amount of capital to local investment. Additionally, manufacturing is growing owing to the government’s introduction of multi-facility economic zones (MFEZs), which complement other critical elements available to this sector – available workforce, vast raw materials, and abundant land, as well as significant investment incentives for corporates.

Zambia has a well-developed private and public healthcare system that offers specialised medical services and the government has declared healthcare a priority sector with incentives for investment in the sector. As a result, there have been significant investments in the healthcare system. Multinationals such as NMS Infrastructure, for who we are providing project and cost management services, are delivering hospitals across five districts.

Making the difference in Zambia

Having operated in Southern Africa for many years and delivered multiple projects in Zambia, we opened our Zambia office in 2021 to further support our clients and build stronger relationships in the region.

The team on the ground has significant project experience in real estate, infrastructure and natural resources, as well as a deep understanding of the country’s nuances and what it takes to successfully manage the supply chain and deliver projects in the region. Beyond traditional quantity surveying and cost management services, we offer major programme set-up, project management, project controls, assurance, project risk management, procurement and contract services, and advisory services.

Our work in Zambia for international clients on major projects includes AMA Projects, Barclays Bank, Konkola Copper Mines, Berkeley Mineral Resources, PYLOS Zambia, EDCON, RockCastle and MAHTANI Group.



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