We're supporting clients to reach their potential in a diversifying economy.

As Africa’s largest diamond producer, Botswana is heavily reliant on diamond exports to grow its economy. With the gradual drop in diamond prices, the government released an economic stimulus programme towards with the objective of diversifying the economy and creating more jobs for its citizens.

The stimulus plan is targeting tourism, farming, the construction of buildings and infrastructure, and manufacturing.

The plan is intended to eradicate the backlog of government projects that were affected by the economic recession and will provide opportunities for construction companies to operate in all corners of Botswana.

Making the difference in Botswana

With our headquarters in the vibrant capital of Gaborone, we have operated throughout the country since 1996, delivering commercial solutions to clients in a range of sectors including mining and metals, commercial, sports, leisure and hospitality and the public sector in general.

Our services include estimating, procurement, contract administration and monitoring of construction projects, management of project risks all with a view to securing greater capital efficiency that creates more affordable assets for our clients. Some of our most recent major projects have been in education institution, retail, corporate, industrial and hotel builds and refurbishments.


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