Embedding the strategies and culture that support effective operations and maintain a safe and healthy environment.

Safe and effective working depends on establishing and embedding the right policies, processes and behaviours - at every level. Rigorous leadership, implementation, assurance and training must be driven right across the programme or project.

Achieving this is demanding. Our approach to health, safety and wellbeing focuses not just on compliance and the safety of all, but also considers the greater return on investment the right approach can deliver.

This can include reducing loss and damage to assets; lower workforce absence through sickness, accidents and incidents; reducing the risk of fines and prosecution; increasing staff morale through better working practices and a higher quality environment; and better risk management across the supply chain.

We can help you plan for and manage your physical and operational safety, health, environment and quality (SHEQ) risks across the full lifecycle, and across all of your assets – while also driving up efficiencies and reducing costs.

COVID-19 resources

We have produced a guide to help understand the health, safety and welfare requirements that need to be in place before re-opening offices and other workplaces in the UK as the COVID-19 lockdown begins to slowly lift.
Download the office reawakening guide (PDF)

Our COVID-19 safety, health and quality (SHQ) construction site guide sets out the immediate and ongoing health, safety and welfare related actions recommended for UK construction sites.
Download the COVID-19 SHQ construction site guide (PDF)

Our service areas

  • Fire consultancy
  • Health and safety training
  • Principal designer and construction consultancy
  • SHQ strategy and management systems
  • Workplace health and safety
  • Quality management consultancy

Your challenges

  • How do I raise health and safety up the agenda, reducing risks and creating an injury and incident free environment?
  • How do I embed the right culture, across the team and supply chain, to maintain a proactive approach to health, safety and wellbeing?
  • How do I demonstrate the broader benefits of effective safety, health and wellbeing?
  • What do I need to do to develop the right competencies to deliver the next level of health and safety performance, across the asset lifecycle?

Safety, health and quality contacts