Setting up for success – building the right capabilities and execution plan to drive clear programme outcomes.

When complex challenges, multiple investors and diverse stakeholders are involved, the business case for a programme needs to be robust. It should address all of the risks and opportunities, account for all of the component parts, and demonstrate how the required outcomes can be achieved on time and to budget. But once the business case is approved, rigorous programme execution becomes the challenge.

We set programmes up to succeed at every stage of the lifecycle, using industry leading approaches to support decision making, secure investment and achieve full readiness for execution. We put in place all of the strategies and controls to manage risks and challenges, set realistic performance baselines, and establish the capabilities and infrastructure needed to deliver successful outcomes.

We understand that your programme may be very different to your core business, and help to establish the right balance across culture, capabilities, processes and systems needed to succeed. We can get your programme under control quickly, and provide ongoing support to enable the necessary changes as the programme evolves.

We have grown our knowledge across a portfolio of over £700bn – providing us with real insights and understanding into how you can achieve programme success.

Our service areas

  • Business case development
  • Cost and scheduling assessment
  • Execution planning
  • Governance and assurance
  • Management systems
  • Programme definition
  • Programme strategy and set up
  • Supply chain strategy
  • Target operating model

Your challenges

  • How do I achieve financial stability?
  • How do I engage the stakeholders?
  • How do I optimise the business case?
  • How do I get ready for programme execution?
  • What organisation and capabilities do I need to put in place?

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