Empowering teams to drive productivity and performance for sustainable success.

In today’s highly competitive and rapidly changing business environment, organisations are scrutinising ways of working to optimise time, cost, resources and quality. The pressure to improve productivity in every area of business has never been greater.

We identify inefficiencies and opportunities to improve at every stage of projects, programmes and operations, establishing new ways of working and ultimately empowering your organisation to raise the bar in productivity and performance. 

Our approach builds capability in your teams and leadership to drive improvement, laying the foundations for sustained change. Your business objectives – whether around cost, efficiency, quality, time or net zero – are specifically targeted through our approach. 

What is productivity?

Productivity is defined as the ratio between the input to the output of a system, which can indicate how good organisations are at converting the inputs (labour and assets) into outputs (goods or services). The more we increase output relative to the inputs, the greater productivity increases.

Simply put it is “getting more for less”.

Achieving productivity improvement

A Lean business understands value from the customer’s point of view and strives to continually drive performance to deliver this value with the optimum level of resource, including people, capital, knowledge, research, design and overheads. A lean business pushes the boundaries of conventional processes, projects and operations. It is expert at identifying and eliminating non-value added activities. Lean businesses break through constraints and traditional thinking.

Lean / Agile transformation is driving productivity across the globe, with sectors including real estate, infrastructure and natural resources already reaping the rewards of our expertise.

Our approach enables you to:

  • Deliver significant productivity improvement in your organisation in a sustained way
  • Develop your understanding of challenges and opportunities for improvement, through our structured engagement
  • Transform ways of working by applying our framework and roadmap for change, with improved practices and processes being tested for success prior to full implementation
  • Build capability in your teams and leadership to sustain the productivity improvement being delivered.

Our service areas

  • Rapid productivity improvement
  • Programme productivity improvement
  • End-to-end productivity transformation.

Your challenges

  • How do we improve productivity across our whole organisation?
  • Our organisation is siloed and complex, which impacts our results. How do we create a new, joined up way of working?
  • How do we find out where we are on our productivity journey?
  • How can we meet the deadlines for our time critical projects that require rapid focus on productivity?

For further information, contact:

Martin Barrett, Managing Director, UK

e: [email protected]