Quantify carbon and capital cost with our Embodied Carbon Calculator tool.

In a world where reducing the carbon impact of the built environment is an imperative, our aim is to proactively support our client’s journeys towards plotting robust, measurable route-maps to net zero ensuring that our industry is part of the solution to tackling the pressing social, environmental and economic challenges we face.

Calculating carbon and cost

We have fundamentally challenged and re-evaluated the role of the cost manager, as the profession tackles the need to quantify the two currencies of construction - carbon and cost - when planning and delivering new investment.

We have developed our innovative Embodied Carbon Calculator (ECC) - a bespoke carbon accounting tool that enables clients to evaluate the carbon footprint of projects from an early design stage, covering cradle to practical completion. 

The ECC assures you of accuracy in the carbon count compliant with industry best practice, it importantly covers all building elements in the one tool and provides a clear, plain English output report on the carbon performance of your project/programme.

Carbon Calculator lifecycle process
Embodied carbon assessment through the project lifecycle


  • Provides clients with a reliable assessment of carbon and the cost impact of carbon reduction strategies to support the business case and decision making throughout a project lifecycle.
  • Improves the prospect of achieving the target outcomes for cost and carbon by starting at RIBA Stage 2.
  • Assesses both the cost and carbon impact of design alternatives which enables the most effective, value driven project solutions to be selected.
  • Protects from delays to the pre-construction programme by integrating the assessment of cost and carbon and avoiding abortive revisits and reworking designs.

Industry standards

Our assessments are prepared using the following industry standards:

The ECC fully integrates with our Hive cloud platform which provides the basis for our market-leading cost management applications.

Matthew Collins, Senior Specialist – Construction & Infrastructure Management, RICS, said:

“Turner & Townsend’s Embodied Carbon Calculator is exactly what the industry needs to help bring the impacts of embodied carbon to the forefront of discussions with clients and end users.

"Enabling the embodied carbon of project designs, across all stages, to be measured in accordance with the RICS Professional Statement in Whole Life Carbon Assessment and reported in a consistent way, will allow more informed decisions to be made with respect to cost and carbon. This will help achieve the governmental targets around net zero which have been set both nationally and internationally.”

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