Applying robust and pro-active controls from a clear baseline to deliver confidence in programme and project performance.

Investment programmes involve major financial, and potentially reputational, risks. Project controls is a critical tool to minimise this exposure and provide greater confidence in the predictable delivery of a client’s investment.

Our project controls team assures that your investments are set up for success, with all the required enablers for control established and integrated across the programme. This reference point then allows us to assure performance, setting goals and measuring delivery against these targets.

Ultimately our goal is to optimise delivery of the investment, advising on areas for efficiency, recommending management action to protect performance and bringing project and market data to compare performance and propagate learning in the programme.

Our service areas

  • Controls development and transformation
  • Baseline development
  • CAPEX, OPEX and lifecycle estimating
  • Performance assurance
  • Functional support across cost, schedule, risk, change, resource and reporting management
  • Document and data management
  • Controls systems support
  • Lean consulting and operational excellence

Your challenges

  • How do I control my programme?
  • How can I develop and demonstrate a robust baseline?
  • How do I build confidence in predicted delivery performance?
  • How can I manage my risks and opportunities across the programme?

Controls and performance contacts