Driving innovation in the face of increased regulation and efficiency constraints.


Market context

Increased pressure on the standards and operating costs of public and private sector water providers demands well-planned and closely managed capital projects. Innovators have shifted thinking towards the use of data on a TOTEX (total expenditure) basis, and delivery must now keep up. At the same time mature markets must meet obligations for water quality, connections and supply chain performance.

Water is a vital resource, and around the world governments are under pressure to ensure plentiful clean water supply and sanitation. In developed markets private sector providers have to secure the right level of capital investment and drive down costs to increase their outputs and profits.

Meeting the challenges

We have a deep structural knowledge of the water industry and experience of working with both private and public sector clients to drive better and more affordable solutions. We have worked with clients in the UK to develop alliancing models and associated commercial strategies to ensure best-buy and the maximum possible return on investment. We have also worked on groundbreaking projects in dry climates to bring new technologies to bear in challenging environments.


Learn how we have delivered a range of services to drive success in global programmes and projects, working with major players in the water sector.

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