Environment and waste

Managing complexity to ensure best return in an innovating market.


Market context

The waste sector has come under increased pressure in recent years to rethink how waste is created, reused, recycled, recovered and disposed of. Focus has turned to how waste can be used as an asset to add value.

Issues such as poor quality waste data, lack of public and private capacity, low market interest, lack of incentive and pressurised funding are impacting effective waste management.

Nonetheless, in the context of increased regulation there have been several innovative developments in the management of waste. This has led to a decrease in the amount going to landfill land and altered perceptions of waste. It is starting to be seen as a commodity rather than a problem and financial liability. Governments want to maximise this value.

In particular, the role waste can play in energy production has been a game changer for local and national governments. As well as decreasing the amount of waste going to landfill, waste to energy helps to address energy security, is a lower carbon alternative to fossil fuel and creates a new revenue stream for governments under financial pressure.

Meeting the challenges

As waste to energy initiatives grow, we are helping to ensure commercial returns for both high-tech, high-volume and smaller micro facilities. We support both governments and contractors with the management of complex issues such as grid connection, project interfaces, consents and approvals.

Government outsourcing of collection and recycling operations to private enterprises is very common and we frequently support the set up and review of private finance initiative (PFI) contracts that define the financial, service, quality and value expectations for both consortia and funders.

In the UK in particular the waste industry has undergone significant consolidation, with large waste management companies purchasing PFI contracts from smaller or non-core organisations. We’ve been able to assist many local governments with due diligence and cost planning services, resulting in considerable savings.


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