Delivering the efficient utilities networks required for the modern world.

Market context

Every government around the world strives to deliver a standard of utilities services, from clean water and sanitation to connected cities through high-speed broadband.

Private sector companies are driving innovation in the build and operation of utilities infrastructure to generate the extra efficiencies and return on investment they need while maintaining a high quality of service. This is placing greater emphasis on contractors and programme managers to devise better ways of doing things, working in partnership to get the best result.

Meeting the challenges

We have extensive experience in the utilities industry, from desalinisation plants in the Middle East to UK water operators and the world's largest communications companies.

We offer independent advice to navigate local regulations, ensuring programmes and their component projects meet the required standards while managing the often complex logistics involved in pipes in the ground work.

Our effective management of projects and programmes generates real savings for clients and in an industry that never stays the same, we’re at the forefront of understanding the solutions that can generate further efficiencies and helping these come to fruition for clients.


Learn how we are working with global clients in utilities to drive value and efficiency in projects and programmes.

Utilities sectors


Meeting the demand for broadband and new communication technologies.

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Environment and waste

Managing complexity to ensure best return in an innovating market.

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Driving innovation in the face of increased regulation and efficiency constraints.

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