Supporting project viability and delivery in a new golden age of rail.

Market context

The demand for fast and frequent travel is on the rise and aviation can’t meet the demand alone. In nations with an existing culture of rail usage patronage is increasing, and countries without established networks are investing to meet the challenges of connecting cities and getting commuters into urban areas.

Overcrowded roads, the environmental agenda and people living further away from the place they work is putting extra emphasis on rail in both established and developing markets. While the motivation is there to invest, after the financial crisis it's commerciality and a robust business case that’s key. Capital projects such as high-speed rail links, which offer a complementary solution to that provided by investment in aviation, need inherent longevity and sustainable cost-effectiveness to get off the ground.

Despite the benefits rail projects can bring – to people, businesses and regions – their progress can be hindered by concerns about environmental impact, spiralling costs, varied stakeholder interests and lack of consensus that the intended outcomes will be achieved. Prior project learnings are essential to inform decision-making and address concerns.

Meeting the challenges

Over the last decade, we’ve worked on rail projects with a combined value of over $100bn, including landmark improvements to London's underground with Crossrail, a new light rail network with Sydney Metro North West and Gautrain, a heavy rail project servicing servicing Africa’s busiest airport. This extensive and varied experience makes us a highly informed partner, able to analyse and navigate the political, environmental, commercial and regulatory issues clients face and overcome challenges that could impede successful completion.

We have the skillset to support clients with full programme management, and are experienced with helping to secure a vital investment decision, supporting viability through alternative funding models such as public-private partnerships.

We make a difference no matter what stage of the project lifecycle we’re introduced at, supporting the objectives of increased passenger capacity, long term commerciality and minimum inconvenience during build.


Discover how our experts have worked with global clients to bring sustainable value, efficiency and success to projects and programmes across light, metro, commuter, high-speed and freight rail and associated infrastructure.

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