In our increasingly urbanised world, rail remains a vital mode of transport for people and freight. We work with global clients to drive cost-efficiency and long-term value in rail programmes and projects.


Investing wisely in rail

Global demand for connected, sustainable, reliable and more efficient transport services is boosting investment to upgrade and expand existing rail networks and develop new routes. These programmes connect communities, provide low-cost and low carbon mobility and drive economic growth.

For governments, transportation authorities, operators and owners investment in rail presents political, regulatory, environmental and commercial challenges.

The significant capital investment and operational excellence needed for rail projects and programmes demand a robust business case and clear outcomes which support communities as well as project deliverables.

For existing metro, light rail and high-speed rail, maintenance and enhancement programmes are critical for reliable and safe mobility.

Despite a challenging environment, rail is seeing year on year increases in demand. This high demand is driving innovation in the sector with digital railways, benchmarking of costs and driverless metros priority investment areas.

Our expertise in rail

With more than US$450bn of rail projects in our portfolio, we bring global experience and local knowledge.

We guide owner and investor-operator clients to set up programmes for success. We help secure investment decisions, supporting viability through alternative funding models, such as public-private partnerships.

We assure, optimise and deliver programmes, applying innovative tools and techniques to drive productivity and performance. Our global database of rail sector projects brings rigour to decision-making. Our understanding of the sector enables us to drive client objectives, whether to increase passenger capacity, minimise construction disruption or deliver long-term commerciality.

Complete industry experience

We work across diverse rail assets and operations including light, metro and heavy rail infrastructure.

Unique data

With rail data spanning over 15 years with a capital value of more than $750bn, we can provide the insights and comparisons that are essential to inform decision-making across the project lifecycle.

Global and local insight

Working with investors, owners, operators and the public sector gives us unique insights.


Discover how our experts have worked with global clients to bring sustainable value, efficiency and success to projects and programmes across light, metro, commuter, high-speed and freight rail and associated infrastructure.

Rail services

We have the expertise to support clients in the rail sector throughout the programme and project lifecycle, from defining initial objectives through to delivery. We help define strategies and build the business case, connecting programmes and projects to market innovation and global best practice.

We establish firm foundations for success by developing programme operating models and adopting a whole life asset perspective. Our insights into cost, value, scheduling and long-term programme management and intelligent data drive decision making.

In delivery, our rigorous controls enable lifetime performance and functionality.

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