From international hub to essential regional airports, we are working with global aviation clients to help them respond to travellers’ changing needs and drive cost-efficiency, performance and value in projects and programmes.

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Reshaping the aviation sector for the future

The global aviation sector is rethinking and reprioritising as it responds to market, demographic and pandemic-driven demand shifts. To be more resilient, airport owners and operators are focused on agility, decision making and mega trends such as net zero.

As airport owners, shareholders and airlines respond to the new aviation landscape, they are focusing on reprioritising and challenging capital plans against passenger numbers or exploring how terminal facilities can be repurposed to serve more diverse needs

These factors are driving the airport’s evolution from terminal or transportation hub to a stand-alone city in its own right. The sector faces challenges in accommodating this level of change and building the resilience it needs to respond to future shifts as the world becomes increasingly urbanised and connected.

Our aviation expertise

We bring experience and insight, based on our track record of more than US$150 bn of aviation projects globally. We understand the complexities of planning, expanding, upgrading, and operating aviation airside and landside facilities.

We guide owner and investor-operator clients to set programmes up for success. Our knowledge of costs, scheduling and long-term asset management inform business decision-making. Our global aviation sector database draws on cost data from our past projects enabling owners to make sound investment decisions.

We work with airport owners to build the right organisational and operational approach which drives outcomes and value for stakeholders over the whole life of airport assets. This supports masterplanning, business case and capital investment plan development and aligns airport planners, designers and stakeholders to enable continual innovation, flexibility and global coordination.

Global aviation knowledge

We have over 25 years' experience working in aviation and more than 800 aviation specialists.

Unique data

With aviation data spanning over 15 years with a capital value of more than $200bn, we can provide the insights and comparisons to inform decision-making at any stage of a project lifecycle.

Complex project thinking

We set ourselves clear targets, and constantly strive to stay ahead of the complex aviation environment. We aim to set the pace for our industry.


Find out how we have worked with global clients in the aviation sector to support expansion and new development, including new airport terminals, runways, transport stations, and associated airside and landside facilities.

Aviation services

We support clients throughout the programme and project lifecycle, from defining the business strategy and objectives to enabling successful delivery. 

We help to establish the programme or organisational vision and build the business case. We connect programmes and projects to market innovation and global best practice.

Our cost and commercial management experience and benchmarking tools ensure robust control at every stage. We help cut through complexity with intelligent data to inform business decision-making. Our understanding of programme and project management drives and assures performance in delivery.

I am always impressed by the forward-looking, professional and collaborative approach of Turner & Townsend and I look forward to continuing to work with many of their excellent people as they collaborate with our programme designers, delivery integrators and the Heathrow client team. Phil Wilbraham Former Development Director – Heathrow Airport

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