Simplifying the complex in a rapidly changing landscape.

Mark Savage

Infrastructure Global Operations Lead


Aviation is opening up global markets, and forming a key part of every nation’s economic strategy. Countries across the world are investing in projects to improve capacity, operational resilience and ultimately the passenger experience.

Market context

In recent years new airport projects are moving from being about just creating efficient spaces to putting the passenger experience at the heart of decision-making.

In a growing global market the airport owner and operator faces the challenge of securing funding within an environment that never stops changing as the industry plans for the airport of tomorrow.

The speed of development in the industry, including new generation aircraft, new technologies, changing legislation, the increase in security provision and ever-rising customer expectations, creates higher than ever levels of complexity for those planning and executing capital programmes.

Meeting the challenges

For the past decade we’ve been supporting clients on the some of the most complex aviation projects across every continent on earth. These have included industry changing projects such as Heathrow Terminal 5, which redefined how the sector delivers major programmes, the 700,000m2 Midfield Terminal at Abu Dhabi Airport and the third runway project in Hong Kong.

We guide both owner and investor-operator clients to set their programmes up for success, helping to secure funding and rigorously controlling the delivery phase to minimise risk and maximise opportunity. We adopt innovative tools and techniques to drive productivity and performance with leading-edge technology platforms. With insights into the cost and scheduling of aviation projects, we help to cut through complexity with intelligent data to help inform better decision-making and provide confidence from the outset.

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