Supporting manufacturers to create leaner facilities and corporates to deliver data centres to meet growing capacity demands.

A combination of new regulations, shifting markets and carbon emission commitments is fuelling new innovations and disruptive technologies among manufacturers. As companies in all industries strive to collect, interpret and capitalise on vast amounts of new data, data centres are becoming critical systems that require a new approach to meet demand.

Market context

The cultural norms essential to success in manufacturing are pushing organisations to upgrade and maintain their facilities, at the same time as focusing on the new ambitious standards their assets need to meet.

Substantial redevelopments can involve the removal of all existing structures and construction and fit out of entirely new facilities. Programme management and project controls become essential when upgrades and new developments impact on connected facilities. In all situations minimising production down time is key.

Avoiding down time is also essential for data centres. As big data is increasingly harnessed to understand consumers, and people continue to depend on data in their home and work lives, projects need to be planned to avoid any outages. Adequate, resilient power is the key. Planning for increased capacity now will save costs further down the line.

Meeting the challenges

We have delivered in excess of £2bn of investment across a wide variety of projects and services for clients in sectors such as aerospace, automotive and chemicals manufacturing.

In data centres we’ve consistently been at the forefront of the development of tier II, III and IV technology centres across the globe for many of the major players in the industry.

On both technology and manufacturing projects we can manage and coordinate the team of contractors, sub-contractors and specialist consultants, and enable their effective interface with our client’s engineering department, specialist suppliers, designers and contractors. We can also provide procurement strategies for specialist manufacturing and data centre needs.

Our services

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