Retailers and retail led developers are constantly evolving in response to political, economic, technological and consumer changes.


Market context

The range of factors influencing the retail environment and the pace at which brands need to respond to remain competitive makes this an incredibly dynamic industry. Projects and programmes must be delivered at optimum speed while maintaining flexibility to ensure further adaptation to shifting market conditions. Retail developers need to provide destinations and environments that reflect the changing needs of communities and consumers, in how they wish to buy (brick versus click) and the experience they expect as the time spent at work and at leisure continues to merge.

Whether you’re a shopping centre developer or a retail brand constructing flagship stores or delivering a global roll out programme, the need for consistent standards is essential. The customer journey cannot be compromised, and the brand itself should be prominent at every customer touchpoint.

Real-time transparent reporting at programme level ensures confidence in project progress and enables informed decision-making when issues or changes arise.

Robust governance of projects is also essential to protect the position and reputation of the brand. On projects where community stakeholder groups are involved, regular and transparent communication is key to developing and sustaining support.

In a sector where price wars are constant, capital efficiency across existing assets and planned stores is fundamental. Retailers need to scrutinise every aspect of expenditure to ensure their properties, one of their biggest outgoings, are fully optimised.

Meeting the challenges

We are experienced at delivering major shopping mall developments, fast-paced roll-out programmes and one off flagships.

Our expert teams analyse and challenge objectives, design and method to deliver value throughout your programme or project. Our mechanical and electrical specialists drive optimum solutions, which unlock operational savings. We review the procurement supply chain structure and advise on changes to optimise volume discounts and drive performance in your supply chain.

Our programme-level methodology, systems and tools, alongside peer group project benchmarking, ensure intelligent programme management, informed decision-making and reducing risk.

Our value-for-money assessments are a vital component of our procurement expertise. Our world-class supply chain management and procurement strategies enable clients to leverage the scale of their projects and programmes.

With near real time reporting, our technology solutions and analytics provides total clarity on progress across a programme; we can identify trends in data in order to capitalise on savings across the programme or address and prevent cost overruns.


Learn how we have delivered a range of services to drive success in global programmes and projects, working with major players in the retail sector.

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