Helping meet spiralling housing demand and intense competition for land.


Market context

Cities are ever-evolving landscapes. As redevelopment increases, new commercial zones and communities are taking shape, with redundant areas now providing new opportunities for innovative uses and increasing reliance on the private rented market to meet the demand. But with the pressures of rapid population growth, meeting the demand for housing and delivering the right supporting infrastructure is a major challenge if cities are to remain economically competitive and create safe, attractive communities.

In the world’s major cities, the competition for readily serviceable land that can be developed quickly and unhindered by major infrastructure works, is pushing up the cost of land to unprecedented levels. This cost is creating opportunities for the private rented market and forcing a review of the different ways land can be developed, leading to exciting new schemes capable of regenerating whole areas of cities.

Government planning and regulation plays a significant role in encouraging investment in target areas, while also ensuring controlled development with a focus on delivering wider public benefits. In many nations, a sustainability agenda that considers the wider long-term impact of development on communities, employment, social integration and environmental sustainability, is driving new thinking about the aims of new buildings and public spaces.

Both macro and micro-economic trends play a role in the financial returns from development. This includes whether a city is attractive to businesses and individuals, fluctuations in the value of land, the cost of materials in particular regions, the availability and cost of construction skills, and government incentives available.

Meeting the challenges

We have worldwide experience of urban development, regeneration and residential projects, as well as the infrastructure projects that support new development.

Our teams are highly informed about the political, financial and physical environment affecting the programmes they work on, which ensures tailored advice and support throughout the life of projects.

We take a holistic approach to developments, leading everything from the business planning process and bringing together the necessary range of specialists for masterplanning teams to project delivery and cost modelling.

Other areas of work include the unlocking of development sites through delivering enabling infrastructure, working with owners of land to make it attractive and ready for development, and contract management services that help set and control standards of development.


Learn how we have delivered a range of services to drive success in global programmes and projects, working with major players in the residential sector.

Our services

  • Programme management
  • Development management
  • Project management
  • Cost management
  • Design management
  • Schedule management
  • Planning and logistics
  • Stakeholder and third party management
  • Employer’s agent / contract administrator
  • Contract management
  • Lean consulting and operational excellence

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