Taking a programme approach the network improvements that support the growing demand for energy.

Mark Savage

Infrastructure Global Operations Lead


As major developments take place in how power is generated, supporting infrastructure for the transmission and distribution of energy also has to improve and grow.

Market context

With increased demand for transmission and distribution infrastructure projects all around the world, employing the right expertise is a critical success factor. Operators are looking to meet security and environmental targets. At a network level smart grids are driving efficiencies for how energy is delivered, while for local distribution quick and efficient connections require more responsive supply chains.

Maintaining project stability is a major focus. Some projects need to be recovered and put back on track with effective project controls, definition of roles, full cost and schedule assessments and creation of new robust plans, while others must face the challenges of connecting new infrastructure across virgin terrain.

Meeting the challenges

We can provide complete programme management on major installations, ensuring complex projects deliver within the agreed time and cost frameworks and project certainty is maintained.

With our wide experience of transmission and distribution infrastructure projects, we can also provide detailed analysis of comparative scenarios that enable our clients to review options and make informed project choices.

Our industry expertise is supported by consultants on the ground who understand local regulation, environmental constraints, and how to manage a supply chain to ensure it is both responsive and efficient.

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