Renewable energy

Building the investment case and ensuring delivery for the next generation of renewable projects.

Market context

Renewable energies are a complex and diversified market. Although knowledge and best practice from existing conventional projects can be effectively transferred, this new era of renewable energy has its own set of challenges to overcome.

To take full advantage of these low carbon-emitting sources, it is essential for the ongoing development of new and enhanced technologies, financial investments and government support to continue, with and a strong team focussed and dedicated to project delivery.

A big part of creating the right conditions is ensuring there is a dependable supply chain with the capabilities to support the roll-out of a programme. Developing the right organisation of people with the skills and capability to deliver the programme of work is essential. Perhaps most importantly, if a project is to achieve buy-in a renewable energy plant has to demonstrate competitive production costs compared to fossil and nuclear-derived energy.

Meeting the challenges

We have a track record of supporting energy organisations, contractors and funders of on and off-shore wind, hydro, solar, waste to energy and other renewables projects and programmes. We are involved at all stages of the lifecycle, from business case and funding to development and consent work, which can require surveys, design studies and front-end engineering studies. We are also experienced in overseeing the installation of all infrastructure components and oversee operation and maintenance of assets including storage and distribution.

We provide project and programme management expertise, cost and commercial management, project controls, procurement and advisory services to help projects deliver on time and budget. Leveraging our global experience, we hold a solid base of data on renewables capital projects which we use to create detailed cost models and offer impartial advice to drive value.


Learn how we worked with global energy organisations, funders and contractors to enable the delivery of renewable and clean energy facilities, ranging from large-scale solar photovoltaic plants to offshore wind farms in often remote locations.

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