Renewable and clean energy

As the world focuses on more sustainable energy, we are working with clients to shape renewable and clean power projects, from first investment decisions to delivery.

Renewable energy

Establishing renewable and clean energy

Renewable and clean energy comes from diverse sources, including off and onshore wind, solar, tidal and hydrogen. Together, renewables account for more than a quarter of global electricity generation, while investment in hydrogen technologies is increasing. To realise the transition to a low carbon, more sustainable world, overall renewable and clean energy capacity needs to grow, and to do that it needs to demonstrate its production costs can compete with those of fossil and nuclear energy.

While knowledge and best practice from the conventional power sector can effectively be transferred to the renewables sector, its projects and programmes present their own distinct challenges. These new generation power plants can be complex, incorporating smart infrastructure and battery storage.

Investors, owners and operators need to consider such factors as the continued development of new and enhanced technologies, ongoing financial investment required, available government support and team capabilities. A dependable and capable supply chain is key to the successful roll-out of programmes.

Carbon capture, utilisation and storage is an increasing part of the overall energy picture, allowing the capture of carbon dioxide emissions from industrial processes for storage or reuse in building materials.

Our expertise in renewable and clean energy

We have worked with clients to deliver renewable and clean energy facilities for 25 years. We bring global reach and local knowledge.

Our experience and expertise enable us to guide clients on all stages of the programme and project lifecycle. We help shape the business case and funding solutions and drive development of complex, large-scale facilities. We oversee installation of infrastructure components and operation and maintenance of assets, including storage and distribution. For effective delivery, we bring together the right skills and capabilities across the supply chain.

Global expertise

We have unparalleled understanding of local markets and supply chains, and project and commercial management capabilities to help our clients succeed.

Effective set-up

We help organisations develop strategies, build functional capability and develop programme baselines that set programmes up for success.

Improved control and certainty

In sharing and implementing lessons from other major programmes, we relentlessly drive and assure performance.


Learn how we worked with global energy organisations, funders and supply chains to enable the delivery of renewable and clean energy facilities in both mature and emerging markets.

Renewable and clean energy services

Our global track record in the renewable and clean energy sector has provided a wealth of insight and real project experience, which lies at the heart of how we develop solutions and work with renewable energy organisations. We drive performance by leveraging our global cost data and experience to inform decision making, while working on the ground with clients to proactively manage and control delivery.

We provide clients with an independent perspective, which is dedicated to driving value across our project and programme management, cost, contract and commercial management, project control and advisory services.

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