Providing quantity, weight and cost assurance for natural resources projects.

QuanTTum aerial process plant

Predictability of project outcome is a critical and constant issue for the natural resources industries. Energy and mining companies must continually improve on performance to remain competitive. The concern for project owners however is that few projects deliver in accordance with the cost and schedule commitments set out at project sanction.

Throughout the project lifecycle, our clients face a consistent challenge around the transparency of engineering design data, which can lead to a lack of understanding of the project’s scope and quantities. Adopting a robust approach to measurement and quantity management plays a key role in setting a project up for success, supporting project delivery and providing the data required for operational readiness and ongoing asset management.

What is QuanTTum?

QuanTTum is our quantity, weight and cost assurance service. It provides a fast, consistent and accurate means of developing, measuring and managing the quantity, weight and cost of engineered facilities – and the impact of design changes on that essential data. Watch our video to find out how it can transform your natural resources project:

How it works

QuanTTum brings together a unique combination of our natural resources experience, cost and commercial management expertise, standard applications and data management. Designed to operate in the same digital environment used by a design team or EPC contractor, QuanTTum interfaces with all major industry design software platforms resulting in a truly accurate, independent measurement of the original as well as the progressing design, both in the office and in the field.

QuanTTum oil rig

Key features

The QuanTTum service offers natural resources projects:

  • Independent model verification
    Works with all major design applications to provide an independent and objective analysis of your project’s design model.
  • Data harvesting and measurement analysis
    Extracts quantities and weights and segments according to your work breakdown structure. Accurate bills of approximate quantities (BoAQ) and bills of quantities (BoQ) are produced and live linked to the model. Unmeasured balance is highlighted to support development of estimates.
  • Estimating and contracts
    Facilitates procurement including tender production, bid validation and evaluation and ultimately leads to contract price agreement.
  • Change management and verification
    Any change to the model is colour coded, enabling quantification of the cost impact of design change.
  • Remeasure and report
    Construction progress is digitally reflected on the model, providing a clear and transparent audit trail.
  • Project close-out and legacy
    An accurate digital asset based on the design data, quantities and costs can be used for asset management activities and to support future project development.

QuanTTum benefits

Benefits of the QuanTTum service to natural resource projects include:

  • Independent model verification
    Assurance that model data is complete, consistent and of the quality required to successfully deliver your project
  • Data harvesting and measurement analysis
    Fast and accurate digital capture of quantities
    Highlights unmeasured balance and supports estimating function
    Develops accurate bills of approximate quantities (BoAQ), and bills of quantities (BoQ)
  • Estimating and contracts
    Supports validation of front end engineering design quantities
    Enables value engineering and cost reduction initiatives
  • Change management and verification
    Visualise, track and understand cost impact of design change
  • Remeasure and report
    Remeasures issued for construction (IFC) drawings
    Digital tracking of site progress supports contract administration process and reporting
    Supports the avoidance of claims and disputes
  • Project close-out and legacy
    Accurate database for future benchmarking

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