Improving business and project performance in a complex and marginal industry.

Market context

Choosing the optimal time to invest in downstream capital projects or shut down capacity for turnarounds is a complex decision.

Crude oil quality, differentials and crack spreads, driven by seasonal product supply and demand balances and stock levels, impact margins differently depending on where you are located and how you are configured. In a low oil price environment the industry is looking for low-cost projects with high returns, however the impact of delays or overruns can quickly start to erode your project economics. Ensuring cost and schedule predictability is key to remaining profitable in a marginal environment.

Volatile market conditions and cost predictability present the greatest challenge to the downstream industry. Cost and schedule performance is crucial for oil and gas companies as they assess where to invest in line with their requirements for cash flow and shareholder return. The ability to provide predictability only comes with solid experience of working with a significant number of clients across a wide-ranging portfolio of projects globally from pre-FID, through to close-out, alongside expert analysis of project data.

Meeting the challenges

We’ve been working in the downstream industry for over 20 years and have successfully supported projects across refineries, chemical and petrochemical plants, gas to liquid, gas to chemical, terminals and storage sites. Whether for new build capacity expansions, upgrades or major shutdowns we provide time critical solutions at every stage of the project lifecycle to facilitate predictable outcomes.

Our downstream services (PDF) focus on your unique requirements and expectations, applying best practice and innovative solutions, optimising time constraints while maintaining the highest quality in consistency and standards. We instil confidence in every aspect of your project, encouraging cooperation and buy-in from key stakeholders through optimisation of cost, scheduling, risk analysis, procurement, earned value, contract management and work execution.

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