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We are providing the insights and expertise to help mine owners and operators deliver programmes more cost-effectively, on time and with a focus on safe and sustainable operations.


Driving transformation in mining and metals

The mining and metals sector is undergoing a transformation as it decarbonises to help meet environmental ambitions. Reducing the carbon footprint of existing mine operations, managing natural resources wisely and developing new mines that eliminate greenhouse gas emissions will be key to achieving sustainability goals.

The industry has a broader part to play in shaping a greener future. The extraction and processing of battery metals and rare earth elements is essential to many low carbon technologies, including the components for wind turbines, solar photovoltaics, electric vehicles, energy storage, hydrogen fuel cells and carbon capture.

Whether developing a new mining prospect, optimising existing operations or planning for closure, there is a need to integrate the return on investment targets expected from the market with environmental and sustainability needs in line with corporate goals, legislative targets and wider societal expectations of the industry.

Concern about the adverse impacts of mining, for the environment and neighbouring communities, continues to challenge the sector. As mines are increasingly developed in remote areas, finding practical and economic solutions for power from renewable energy sources is paramount.

Our expertise in mining and metals

Over three decades of working with the mining industry, our globally connected teams have gained experience across all commodity types. We help clients manage the complexity of mining programmes across their whole lifecycle. We maintain a robust focus on project delivery and sustainability goals.

We understand the need to attract capital and select the right delivery model and execution strategy. Our experience gives us a clear understanding of both owner and supply chain risk.

Working with owner-operators, we implement strong controls to enable delivery of client objectives. We drive predictability and risk mitigation in cost and schedule.

In 2022, we acquired JukesTodd, an advisory and project management firm based in Australia. Doubling the size of our natural resources business in Australia, our combined team works together as Turner & Townsend JukesTodd offering project and programme management, commercial management and advisory including environmental, social and governance (ESG) services across the mining and clean energy sectors.

Depth of experience

We have supported over 750 mining projects and portfolios during the design, delivery, operations and closure phases.

Industry insight

In a rapidly changing environment, our independence from the supply chain safeguards the commercial interests of our clients.

Data and technology

With in depth understanding of existing and new technologies including BIM and Drone LiDAR, we are driving unprecedented value for our clients.


Find out how we are working with mine owners and developers to support mine development, commodity processing and delivery of mine related infrastructure, including power, camps, logistics and warehouses, transport and loading facilities.

Mining and metals sectors

Mine closures

Mine closure and rehabilitation

We support all aspects of mine closure, decommissioning and rehabilitation, including regulatory and environmental compliance, post-mining land use and socio-economic plans to rehabilitate land and support communities through the transition.

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Mining and metals services

Our extensive range of project services includes controls and performance, cost and commercial management, procurement, contract management, dispute resolution, lean consulting and advisory services. Our model gives us the capacity and capability to work at strategic, programme and project delivery level in both a managed service and integrated owner’s team basis.

We drive strategic, outcome-based programme and project delivery. Our expertise, data and intelligence provide robust control and assurance in decision-making. Fundamental to our approach is our independence and focus on client objectives.

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