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Most “big pharma” companies have historically managed capital projects in-house. Increasingly capital project delivery and property management is being outsourced as companies choose to focus more on their core business – the people who can help meet the challenge of developing sustainable sources of food, healthcare and medicines for a rapidly growing global population.

Market context

Many life sciences organisations have properties in multiple worldwide locations. It is a challenge for them to maintain sufficient knowledge on the ground to understand exactly how efficiently spaces are being used and what programme and maintenance initiatives are required.

Therefore, outsourced portfolio management, programme management, project management and project controls is an increasing requirement, with improved productivity and reduction of costs as a key driver. Also, comparative data is being gathered to enable evidence-based decision-making.

A current challenge and growing concern is the loss of technical knowledge as experienced resources retire and the supply of capable resources is not meeting demand.

Effective property and programme management is needed to enable efficient use of assets, consistent delivery on projects and economies of scale. Delivering value also depends on effective procurement strategies that test the benefits provided by established supply chain relationships.

Meeting the challenges

We work with the biggest brands involved in the life sciences sector, as well as emerging and developing companies. We are active in the pharmaceuticals, medical devices, agribusiness, food science, and healthcare consumables markets. This includes successful participation in European and global frameworks.

Our success in this industry has allowed us to gather strong comparative data, providing insights on how properties are used and the value they can provide to our clients’ businesses. With access to our data, clients can make informed decisions about changes to their portfolio.

As more projects are outsourced, we provide an independent view of projects involving multiple contractors and suppliers, and help our clients remain informed about progress against project aims. We offer a tailored approach, shaping our programme, project and portfolio management services to meet each client’s individual needs.

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