Global host cities

Future host cities of major sporting and cultural events need to invest and develop wisely to ensure legacies which extend well beyond the closing ceremonies.

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Market context

Major events drive critical deadlines, creating investment flows and enhanced energy levels from Governments to communities. With focused and well planned activities, the outcomes can be long lasting and impact the prosperity and livelihoods of future generations.

Solid foundations are required in modern infrastructure, viable real estate, smart technology, social wellbeing, cultural attractions, enhanced connectivity, integrated safety and security and wide-reaching environmental and sustainability programmes.

As the commercial reality of hosting such major events brings pressures to avoid the development of 'White Elephants' and sporting and cultural graveyards, the ability to harness new ideas for the design of venues with legacy uses in mind has become the current mind-set. From fully demountable stadia, to modular and temporary arenas and integrated overlay, there are now many flexible options available.

Destinations and venues must be developed to world-class standards, as they act as the focal points and flagships for the events. They create central meeting points, generate media activity, develop excitement and of course act as the venues for great sporting performances and stages for cultural exhibitions.

Infrastructure planning is also critical to the successful hosting of a major international event. Quite often a new airport or a terminal expansion will be required to increase capacity and enable more visitors to easily transit into the country or city.

A modernised or new rail system might be needed to transport spectators from central to regional hubs. Modern technology, communication and security systems will also be required to enable seamless connectivity.

Power generation and localised networks will also be critical for uninterrupted delivery and energy supply.

Meeting the challenges

Through our work on several Olympics programmes, Pan-American Games, Commonwealth Games, FIFA World Cups and World Expos, we have developed unrivalled experience and copious data on what it costs and how long it takes to deliver these amazing showcase events.

Innovation, dedication and lasting commitment are the principal ingredients for success. Our role is to harness that energy and enthusiasm and to make sure it is guided on the right path. From the embryonic idea, through feasibility, strategy, capacity building, planning, delivery and legacy stages, we bring lasting benefits to communities for generations to come.

We make sure hosting nations and cities stay on track – within budget and to programme by harnessing the knowledge, people and expertise we hold in-house. Our global host cities team has global experience of major projects. We’ve worked inside local organising committees, built up the excitement and anticipation, endured the challenges and delivered on the promises.

We are familiar with the hosting requirements of major sporting and cultural events and the compliance regulations of the organising bodies. We recognise that hosting major events requires a long-term strategy and investment will be needed at multiple levels.

Through our long-term international track record across the infrastructure, energy and real estate sectors, we have the knowledge and expertise to advise, plan and deliver a fully integrated strategy across all facets and lifecycle stages.

From new airports, to rail systems, world cup final stadiums, sports arenas, cultural pavilions, fan zones, hotels, conference and exhibition centres and training venues – we have developed the wide-ranging know-how to help global host cities build up to, deliver and sustain the benefits of their world-class event.


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