Improving the student experience is just one element of business planning for higher education projects.


Market context

Capital expenditure in education is subject to detailed business planning to assess the sustainable value of solutions in whole life terms, as well as the quality of environment being created for students. Architectural design is key to achieving value goals, with functionality and flexibility combining to enable the ongoing use of a space by a range of different users.

In recognition of challenging budgets and a business-driven approach to projects, schools, universities and colleges are seeking a clearer understanding of their whole estate. This is leading to a masterplanning approach that encompasses all of the properties and facilities each institution owns, resulting in an asset strategy that informs plans for expansion and rationalisation.

Given the sector’s close involvement in development of climate change strategies, all projects and programmes have to fulfil environmental sustainability targets. Environmental solutions need to be factored into core business planning and objectives to optimise the results.

Projects in the industry often take place within a live environment. Robust management procedures are therefore necessary to guarantee on time delivery alongside operational continuity for the college, as well as safety and security of students at all times. This requirement impacts on procurement, with contractors selected on their proven expertise in complex logistics, to manage projects safely and effectively, within the constraints of the client’s continuing operations.

Meeting the challenges

We have worked with over 300 education bodies and completed in excess of £10bn of work. This has created a mature programme management offering that’s tailored to the sector and responds to the unique challenges faced.

We have a suite of sustainability products and services which combine project delivery, whole life value and organisation change management to ensure provision of a connected solution.

Our business planning expertise combines a thorough understanding of whole life value objectives, how return on investment is generated and the key decision-making factors for funders.

Our experience of functional spaces within education includes classrooms and other teaching facilities, research space, social and learning facilities, offices, laboratories, auditoria, student residential accommodation and sports facilities.


Learn how we are working with global clients in education to drive value and efficiency in projects and programmes.

Our services

  • Business case preparation
  • Asset rationalisation
  • Masterplan development
  • Programme management
  • Development management
  • Project management
  • Cost management and estimating
  • Project controls
  • Schedule management
  • Procurement and supply chain management
  • Lean consulting and operational excellence

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