Defence and aerospace

Developing smarter, centralised procurement and delivery strategies for the planning and construction of defence and aerospace assets.

Market context

Worldwide, both aerospace and defence organisations are facing ever-greater competition and the need to become leaner and more cost effective.

In the UK, significant cuts to funding as part of the Government’s commitment to reducing the deficit are putting the defence industry under increasing cost pressures. To address this, Government bodies are recruiting private sector firms to challenge costs of new projects and identify additional cost savings in the day-to-day delivery of major programmes and projects.

The shift towards outsourcing project delivery is in part a result of a capacity shortage within the existing workforce. It is therefore important that a holistic approach is taken to delivering projects, understanding the balance between commitments and resources, establishing intelligent strategies to ensure goals are achieved.

A key constraint of working in both aerospace and defence projects are the security protocols that must be followed. With significant cost pressures from compliance requirements, service could be compromised by pressure on contractors to meet the budget constraints. It is also an area for opportunity within the estate to drive out unnecessary processes, rationalising the system to ensure it is leaner and sufficiently coordinated to meet the demand and key risks without adding in further protocols.

Cost savings are also likely to be achieved through asset rationalisation, with the goal of centralising operations to reduce cost. It is important that advice is sought on the role and running costs of central and regional buildings to enable an informed decision to be made.

Meeting the challenges

Our breadth of experience from across industries and our commitment to continually improve our service delivery, allows us to use existing data to advise on the most appropriate procurement route for the particular programme or project. We have delivered successful outcomes for clients through smarter procurement strategies in programme and project-related purchasing, regulatory compliance and sustainability requirements.

We have significant knowledge of the aerospace and defence industry and its supply chain, to facilitate the appointment of the most appropriate contractor to deliver your objectives. Working alongside the client team and through appropriate reporting and explanation of the approach adopted, enables us to improve clients’ staff knowledge for future projects.

We are currently working with a number of defence clients to generate capital receipts through the sale of assets. Our team assess each property on a number of key criteria including how it is used, operational costs, capital expenditure requirements and market value assessments. This assessment enables us to identify further operational efficiencies which can be achieved in addition to looking at the overall portfolio to ascertain if and where a sale is more cost-effective.

Our services

  • Asset rationalisation
  • Development management
  • Programme management
  • Project management
  • Cost management and estimating
  • Project controls and performance management
  • Schedule management
  • Procurement and supply chain management
  • Lean consulting and operational excellence

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