Real estate shapes our world. The spaces in which we work, live, learn, shop and spend our leisure time are being reinvented to keep pace with our changing lifestyles, technological advancements and environmental pressures.

We help our clients deliver future-ready assets and achieve better outcomes on real estate construction projects of all sizes. We support with delivery that is not only faster, cheaper and greener, but also digitally-enabled and more controlled.

Market context

Real estate has become much more central to the strategy of all businesses. Users, owners and occupiers increasingly require assets that are productivity-enhancing, flexible and future-proofed.

COVID-19 has further accelerated change. During the pandemic, the role and purpose of all forms of real estate have been re-evaluated, leading to both short and long term impacts.

Across the full real estate life cycle, from conception to construction and use, we will see innovation and new ways of working, which will reform the built environment globally over the coming years.

Real estate is in the midst of transformational change. Disruption has propelled the sector to find ways to improve resilience and create efficiencies in whole-life performance. Through greater collaboration, embracing digital and innovation, and being more agile, we can create real estate assets that deliver better outcomes for the whole of society. Neil Bullen Managing Director, Global Real Estate

Meeting the challenges

We support the full spectrum of real estate clients in delivering assets which respond to the complex and changing demands.

Our project delivery expertise is second to none. At the programme level, we support businesses in achieving centralised control and clear visibility to optimise their global real estate portfolio and associated capital investments.

Our work is truly global; we operate in 160 countries and our expertise spans all major sectors, including technology and manufacturing, corporate and officelife sciences, health, education, hospitality, retail and residential.

We partner with clients to realise opportunities through:

  • Better connecting: we inform, shape, and connect real estate construction projects and programmes to marketplace innovation and global leading practice. We connect organisations to leading practice, support opportunities for investment and benchmark performance to support decision-making.
  • Broadening strategy: we define and execute sustainable strategies for organisations that own, operate or invest in real estate. We help realise asset management strategies and capability, develop business cases, establish change and support stakeholder approvals.
  • Effective set-up: we set-up projects for success by defining programme operating models, developing baselines, building capability, engaging the market and establishing appropriate platforms.
  • Controlling and managing delivery: we drive and assure performance to deliver successful outcomes. We implement lessons learned and enable clients to meet and beat performance targets.

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