Reliable and sustainable infrastructure is the backbone of any successful society. As the world’s population increases, our desire to be connected deepens and the demand for quicker and more user-friendly ways to travel, trade and communicate grows.

We work across transport, utilitiespower and defence industries, operating with a global reach. Our infrastructure experience and expertise means we deliver comprehensive solutions, managing complexity and helping our clients meet their goals.

Market context 

Continual transformation, urbanisation, technological advancements and globalised market drivers and challenges mean that the infrastructure sector must continually grow and develop to meet demand and to support communities.

The infrastructure sector is thriving with global annual spend doubling, and $90tn planned to be invested over the next decade. Through this investment the sector has the opportunity to mature its approach to delivering major capital programmes, alongside operating long-term infrastructure assets.

Every major capital or asset programme provides another opportunity for the industry to improve delivery or operational performance, and ultimately enhance productivity and efficiency to benefit customers, society and wider stakeholders. Murray Rowden Global Head of Infrastructure

Meeting the challenges 

We partner with clients to help them get successful outcomes and results from investment. We support through the infrastructure programme or project lifecycle, helping inform strategy, set up programmes and enable performance during delivery.

Underpinning our approach is the quality of our people, our passion for excellence and the ambition we have to deliver success for our clients.

We partner with clients to realise opportunities through:

  • Better connecting: we inform, shape, and connect infrastructure projects and programmes to marketplace innovation and global leading practice. We connect organisations to leading practice, support opportunities for investment and benchmark performance to support decision making.
  • Broadening strategy: we define and execute sustainable strategies for organisations that own, operate or invest in infrastructure programmes. We help realise asset management strategies and capability, develop business cases, establish change and support stakeholder approvals.
  • Effective set-up: we set up projects for success by establishing programme operating models, developing baselines, building capability, engaging the market and establishing appropriate platforms.
  • Controlling and managing delivery: we relentlessly drive and assure performance to deliver successful outcomes. We implement lessons learned and enable clients to meet, and beat, performance targets.

Industry news and perspectives 

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Infrastructure sectors

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