University: Heriot-Watt University

Course: MSc. Renewable Energy Development

What do you like about working at Turner & Townsend?

You’re encouraged to learn and gain experience, and to take ownership and control your own work.

What’s the culture like at Turner & Townsend?

It’s collaborative, friendly, and supportive.

What does the programme offer you?

It offers a foundation to learn from; you can assess where you have knowledge gaps and learn how to tackle them.

What support do you receive on the scheme?

Regular catch ups with my line manager keep me focused on what I need to do.

What training and development opportunities are available to you?

I’m currently studying for the Association of Project Management (APM) qualification, and training is available for anything you need. An annual performance meeting with my line manager allows me to target those opportunities.

How are graduates viewed in the company?

They’re viewed as important assets just the same as the non-graduates. You don’t feel like you’re at the bottom of a very long career chain.

What project are you working on/what projects have you worked on?

I completed my first project in June, which required me to manage my own project, which was definitely going into the deep end but it was a success! I’m currently working on a flood protection scheme.

This week I…

Started studying for the APM qualification, bought the Prince2 for Dummies for my new project, created the following documents from scratch: project mandate, project approach, project brief, organisational structure, risk and change registers, and the project directory.

A typical day for me is…

Coffee in the morning, write a to-do list for today, go through said to do list, respond to emails and correspondence. Most importantly, I try to keep my day simple and stress free.

Any other information you would like to share?

Don’t be afraid to learn something new every day. Learning only begins after you’ve finished your education.

Don’t be afraid to learn something new every day. Learning only begins after you’ve finished your education."

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