University: University of Reading 

Course: Quantity Surveying 

What do you like about working at Turner & Townsend?

Turner & Townsend allows you to pursue ideas and challenge the status quo, promoting creativity and have access to leaders at all levels. 

What's the culture like at Turner & Townsend?

Everyone is striving to deliver the best outcomes for our clients and this are often noticed and rewarded appropriately. 

How are you finding the graduate scheme?

The graduate scheme has been tough and requires a lot of self-drive and perseverance, it puts you in the right place to help you with the core competencies but also with you APC and APM dependant on your pathway. 

What does the programme offer you?

The programme is there to set guidelines for your key areas of development at the beginning of your career. 

What training and development opportunities are available to you?

There are sessions laid on for initial support to understand the process and what is required throughout, development and training becomes more independent as you progress.

How are graduates viewed in the company?

Graduates are very much incorporated into all company-wide activities and initiatives supporting directors, whilst also having the opportunity to lead many of these as well.

What projects have you worked on?

I worked on a London airport project in the Passenger Experience Programme team working on all projects to enhance the journey of the 70 million passengers using the airport each year.

This week I...

I have been working on upgrading and installing new Airbridges in Terminal 3 at a London airport. I have been out on site to check the progress and get a real understanding of site conditions, materials and constraints our contractors have.




Everyone is striving to deliver the best outcomes for our clients and these are often noticed and rewarded appropriately."

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