Apprenticeship course and level

Level 4 diploma in project management.

Why did you join Turner & Townsend?

I joined Turner & Townsend because I wanted a challenge, I learn better from experience and physically completing the work. At Turner & Townsend I am contributing to the growth of the business while working on incredible projects such as High Speed 2 (HS2). 

Whats the culture like at Turner & Townsend?

Everyone has a hardworking attitude, I haven’t come across anyone that isn’t helpful and doesn’t want everyone to succeed.

How are you finding the apprenticeship scheme?

It’s hard work completing all coursework, exams and dissertations in 18 months while working at the same time. However I have learnt a lot about project management and now have a professional qualification after completing the APMP qualification.

What does the programme offer you?

When I finish I will have an APMP qualification and a level 4 diploma in project management and 2 years of working experience.

What training and development opportunities are available to you?

We are able to request the training we feel we need to develop and Turner & Townsend will try and provide this. We also have a graduate and apprentice refresher week where we have workshops on different parts of a project, for example risk.

How are apprentices viewed in the company?

We are given the same opportunities and training as graduates. Apprenticeships are becoming more popular and clients sometimes ask for an apprentice in a bid.

What project have you worked on?

I am currently working on HS2, I worked with the change control team and scheduling team which is very interesting.

A typical day for me is…

Talking to different sector leads at HS2 to look at their schedule and update milestone progress.

I have a significant amount of experience working with apprentices as I had over 20 of them reporting to me at TfL. I would like to say that I think Harriet is a fantastic individual who is intelligent, friendly, passionate, proactive and outspoken (in a good way). I think she has the potential to be one of our future leaders if nurtured in the correct way and I have greatly enjoyed being part of her professional journey. Simon Taylor Head of Programme Planning, HS2 Ltd

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