University: Leeds Metropolitan University

Course: BA (Hons) Human Geography and Planning

What do you like about working at Turner & Townsend?

No day is the same, you have the ability to move around projects and work with different clients. Also, Turner & Townsend is a global company with 97 offices, so there is chance to travel.

What's the culture like at Turner & Townsend?

Our ‘one business’ approach is very much at the centre of what we do, everyone is willing to help each other out – even people on the other side of the world!

What does the programme offer you?

The programme allows you to have control over where you see your career going. Through extensive training I have been able to develop quickly in a short period of time. You are part of a larger graduate network and have the chance to share ideas and help each other along the way.

What support do you receive on the scheme?

I have received a lot of support from my line manager and graduate development manager especially with getting qualifications and training.

What training and development opportunities are available to you?

There is a variety of opportunities available, such as gaining your RICS/APMP and external training for specific software/contractual. As part of the GDP you have internal training which covers a variety of topics including behavioral skills, presentation skills to specific to job roles.

How are graduates viewed in the company?

Graduates are viewed well in the company, you are given the opportunity to develop and work closely with clients.

What project are you working on?

I have spent the past 12 months working for a big water client, looking at project performance across their asset management portfolio.

This week I...

It is reporting period, we will be finalising our reports and distributing them out to a variety of stakeholders. I am also arranging knowledge share sessions for the Leeds office.

The programme allows you to have control over where you see your career going."

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