Sophie Neal

What apprenticeship course and level are you completing?

I am currently studying a Quantity Surveying, Construction and Commercial Management Chartered Surveyor Apprenticeship Degree at Nottingham Trent University. The apprenticeship degree is five years long and includes my Final Assessment for my RICS professional accreditation in the final year, consequently I will graduate as a Chartered Quantity Surveyor.

Why did you join Turner & Townsend?

I was always extremely interested in learning and developing a greater understanding about construction as it surrounds us and embodies everyday life in the form of roads, rail and water systems. I’m very enthusiastic about the future and improving infrastructure for generations to come. Turner & Townsend offer great opportunities which enable me to grow my career with the multimillion pound projects which are shaping the future for infrastructure, this experience is invaluable and will enable me to shape my career and my future in the best way possible.

What’s the culture like at Turner & Townsend?

Turner & Townsend have a balanced culture where you have to work hard but you are then rewarded and team work is at the centre of everything we do. There is a large support network within each office and everyone is really easy to work with and approach if you need help.

How do you think apprentices are viewed in the company?

Apprentices are viewed as a vital asset in the company and Turner & Townsend are extremely encouraging and always willing to help you progress and do well.

What support do you receive on your apprenticeship programme?

The support which I receive is exceptional, everyone is so eager to help me. I receive support on a regular basis from my line manager and commission manager reviewing my work. This encourages and motivates me to keep working hard, thus helping me to achieve my competencies in the workplace and do well at university.

What opportunities has your apprenticeship given you that you don’t think you would have been given otherwise?

My apprenticeship has given me vital exposure to large scale projects, whilst also enabling me to learn and develop whilst being surrounded by very experienced colleagues.

What project are you working on/what projects have you worked on?

I have fortunately had two amazing opportunities, to work on large scale infrastructure projects. These are as follows:

Current - L2C Electrification Programme for Network Rail- Assisting with the commercial delivery of the £1bn+ project.

Previously – Templeborough Biomass Plant Rotherham - Assisted with the commercial delivery of the project on behalf of BWV on the £210m energy from waste power plant.

What advice would you give a prospective apprentice looking to apply to Turner & Townsend?

Applying for the apprenticeship at Turner & Townsend was the best decision I have made, so just go for it and do not let anything hold you back. Make the most of an opportunity of a lifetime. See where your future takes your personal and professional growth with Turner & Townsend.

What is next for you?

In the next few years I plan to successfully complete my degree and achieve Chartered Member status through the RICS. I also want to gain more experience working on large scale infrastructure projects. I plan to carry on my involvement in wider business initiative such as YPF – Your Professional Future and create a career path for myself to aid me to be influential in the future of infrastructure.

Any other information you would like to share?

I want to encourage anyone to get involved with an apprenticeship at Turner & Townsend, as I couldn’t ask for more from my apprenticeship. I receive support with university work, work and I also attend the monthly RICS APC group sessions which really contribute towards helping me develop professionally. I have found the apprenticeship scheme to provide me with essential experience, challenge me and enhance my learning and understanding of quantity surveying and construction. 

Make the most of this opportunity as it will contribute towards a brighter future.