Peter McGettrick

Peter McGettrick has been appointed as Director of Safety, Health, Environment and Quality (SHEQ). We spoke to him to find out about his role.

Tell us about your new position

I lead the SHEQ division which provides a consultancy service across the UK and Ireland. Turner & Townsend has a great reputation as a quality driven organisation providing excellent outcomes for clients and this was the motivating factor in me joining the organisation. My role aims to ensure we are the provider of choice for SHEQ consultancy by delivering a high-quality service, offering clients tangible value and expanding our offering to ensure it will always be relevant in an ever-changing market.

What are the biggest challenges in the world of health and safety in both a UK and a global setting?

Turner & Townsend is a global business. The challenges across the world of health and safety can vary significantly from managing cultural diversity on health and safety standards with local and transient workers to effective monitoring and communication. Positive health and safety performance generally comes from an organisational culture, where health and safety is embedded at the heart of an organisation and every employee plays a role.

What are your priorities in your
first year?

Working in a consultancy, the most important aspects of a leadership role are people and clients. My priority is getting to know my staff and make sure they are in roles which match their skillsets so that they can reach their potential. I also want to get close to our clients to understand their challenges and make sure that our services are always aligned to their business needs so we can offer them tangible value, which improves business performance.

What do you think makes a good health and safety leader?

It’s well known that leadership and good health and safety management go hand in hand, however I believe a good health and safety leader challenges themselves and their organisations to reach their full potential, working to the benefit of their organisation ahead of themselves as individuals.