Committed to shape a more sustainable built environment and address the climate emergency, we are improving the environmental management of our own operations while using our expertise to find relevant solutions to sustainability challenges in asset development, delivery and operation.

The construction industry is one of the biggest contributors to greenhouse gas emissions. According to the World Green Building Council, buildings and construction are responsible for 39 percent of global energy-related carbon emissions. 

As the built environment seeks innovative and efficient ways to adapt and change, our sustainability strategy translates our commitment to addressing the climate emergency into a set of tangible actions in line with our priority United Nations Sustainable Development Goals: 11 Sustainable Cities and Communities, 12 Responsible Consumption and Production, 13 Climate Action.

Delivering sustainable solutions

Our ambition is to place the climate emergency at the heart of our industry, to help our clients grasp their role in making the built environment part of the solution.

We are increasingly involved in projects that seek to revolutionise energy generation, reduce consumption and repurpose assets and materials worldwide. We have supported the construction of major renewable energy sources along with environmentally friendly infrastructure and have been the driving force behind efficiency schemes like clean air zones and major regional government low carbon ‘retrofit’ programmes for homes and public buildings worldwide.

We continue to invest in our sustainability advisory capability providing environmental sustainability, energy, carbon strategy and management and whole life cost support and guidance at every stage of the asset lifecycle. Our mission is to support our clients to increase the scale and pace of decarbonisation to achieve net-zero targets, reduce the overall climate impact and thrive in the future low-carbon market place.

Using our expertise we support clients in the development and delivery of sustainability strategies and manage specialist programmes on assets and portfolios across various sectors.

From early procurement and business planning stages of a project or programme, through design to operational management and continuous improvement we help clients to crystallise their environmental ambitions, inclusive of setting net-zero carbon targets, promote sustainable procurement and provide delivery assurance to ensure the agreed outcomes are realised.

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Improving our environmental impact

  • 54,272 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions FY 2020-21
  • 26% reduction in Scope 2 emissions over the last two years
  • B- in the Carbon Disclosure Project
  • 6.4 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions per person

We are committed to being net zero by 2030 and have set validated science-based targets to reduce our emissions in line with climate models across our whole global value chain. Our NewLeaf programme sets out tangible actions and interim targets to achieve our goals while our corresponding campaign highlights to way our people are helping our business and our industry reach our net-zero goals.

Our strategy is consistent with the United Nations Race to Net Zero Commitment which we signed up for in 2021 along with the World Green Building Council’s Net Zero Carbon Buildings Commitment. We work with South Pole to collate and verify our environmental data. We began reporting to the Carbon Disclosure Project in 2021.

While our strategy is set by our executive board and owned by regional board members, our people are crucial in achieving our sustainability commitments not only in our operating procedures but also in our everyday actions as a business.

Green initiatives lead by our people are taking place in many forms across our global offices, and collectively these initiatives have made a significant positive environmental impact. These initiatives include reducing non-essential business travel, removing single-use plastics, reducing waste and driving greater resource productivity and introducing water conservation measures.

Our passionate network of environmental champions and office managers are responsible for driving culture change through environmental awareness initiatives and working across our supply chain to adopt green solutions locally. We continue to drive improvement through our ISO 14001 certified environmental management system; currently, 32 of our offices are certified across the globe.

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