Over the last year, our Brisbane team has undertaken its School Hub Mentoring Programme with Woodridge State High School. The aim is to enable students to understand different career pathways, broaden their skills and receive guidance to help achieve their goals.

The programme forms partnerships with schools from low socio-economic areas and is designed to broaden the skills of school-aged children and guide them through education and employment opportunities in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM).

Students from Woodridge State High School were paired with a mentor from our organisation to work through a project question on how to build a carbon-neutral building. Throughout the programme, students and mentors met regularly with a final presentation at the Woodridge State High School theatre in front of their peers, our team and the school principal. After the presentations, the group discussed their responses and received certificates as part of the final ceremony.

Director, Kim Wilson, said:

“It was such an honour to participate in our School Hub Mentoring Programme in Brisbane. I know the time and energy invested had a positive impact on all.  I was lucky enough to follow the journey of my mentee from 2019 until now through this programme, and I am certain we have built a lasting relationship, and both developed during this time. The talent and drive of each of the mentees I met is a true credit to the teachers at Woodridge State High School.”

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Dave Rokesky

Dave Rokesky
HR Director, Australia and New Zealand