Bringing businesses together to talk net zero.

In early 2021, our real estate team brought together almost two dozen industry stakeholders to encourage a conversation around setting and achieving net zero-carbon emissions. Participants included prominent brands like IBM, Blackrock, Google, Mastercard, WPP, Nissan and McDonalds.

In four different sessions over a six-week period, the various company representatives shared their approach to goal setting, benchmarking their current operations, methods for implementing carbon reductions and regulatory compliance.

Measuring and reducing emissions

We, along with our partner in the series, Charles River Associates, left each group with guidance on ways they could measure current emissions, commit to reduction goals, and reduce, remove and avoid future emissions through practices like carbon offsetting, renewable energy procurement, and using innovative technology applications.

The resounding response was that these forums were so useful, the participants wanted to hear what was discussed in the other sessions to further cross-pollinate ideas in the future.

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Linda Foggie
Senior Vice President