Growing urbanisation, increasing inequality and immediate climate crisis are just some of the challenges that are affecting society.

Anooj Oodit

To address these needs, our team in Australia and New Zealand is using its unique expertise on resilient and sustainable solutions to make an impact on the world we live in.

One of the programmes we have undertaken this year improves housing for Indigenous people who have traditionally had lower life expectancy and fewer opportunities. Led by the Northern Territory Government, the project helps 73 communities with an investment of AUS$1.1bn over ten years.

Working with Traditional Owners, the ‘Our Community. Our Future. Our Homes.’ campaign focuses on local decision making, engagement and planning. Our team is actively working throughout the territory in remote communities and locations, program managing the housing developments on behalf of government departments. We’re very proud to be able to work with the territory government and give people a better life.

Rebuilding Christchurch hospital

One of the programmes we are proud to be involved in is the re-build of Christchurch in New Zealand. We are also the project managers on the innovative rebuilding of the Christchurch Hospital after two devastating earthquakes.

The project has employed new techniques to make the structure seismic-proof in the future and has been so successful that our team is now looking at how we can deploy this expertise in other parts of the world that may require similar facilities.

Vertical schools projects

In education, we are project and cost managing the build of vertical schools in Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney to overcome increasing urbanisation and land scarcity in cities. The vertical school concept also offers the ability to integrate a wide range of state-of-the-art next generation learning spaces.

These plans have proved so successful that Canadian authorities have contacted us to work out how the project could be replicated in their jurisdictions.

Driving sustainability

The issue of sustainability is now being looked at “in a circular manner, rather than linear”, with projects such as lithium mining for batteries in electric cars, pumped hydroelectric storage scheme for storing energy and the Sydney Metro Northwest, which is 100 percent carbon neutral, at the forefront.

Along with our clients, we are helping to drive change across the region and we absolutely want to set the pace. It’s about building the momentum from here, which is why we are sharing best practice across our global teams.

This case study is part of our Annual review 2018-2019