Our Chairman’s Group is a collaborative development programme for future leaders of our business. It brings together a diverse mix of people to experience the challenges of running a global business. They work together for a year, developing bold and practical solutions in response to real business issues in our company and markets.

  • 16 Chairman's Group members
  • 7 nationalities
  • 44% female members

The group regularly engages with senior management to debate and influence business decisions while broadening their professional network. Frederico Braga, a project manager based in São Paulo, valued the experience of working with senior leadership and members of the Chairman’s Group.

“It’s a unique experience to hear about the challenges leaders and colleagues face in their regions and sectors, and to contribute with my experience from Latin America.

“I’ve gained insights on the trends shaping each sector, been encouraged to think innovatively about how our business can lead the market, and made connections with inspiring people who I hope to work with as my career develops.

“It’s exciting working as a team creating solutions that could change how we operate in five and ten years’ time. No idea we have can be too bold but we have to test our proposals from every angle to create services and tools we all believe in.”

Finding effective ways to communicate, collaborate and make decisions is a central element of the Chairman’s Group experience. Being part of the programme shows members how powerful ideas are generated when people with different skills, experiences and perspectives come together.